Sweet Baby H | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby H was born in December and I’m just now getting around to blogging his session! And I’m seeing him for his three month session on Friday! I can’t believe it and I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown! he was a superstar baby and was so sweet for us. Big sister got into the action and was the cutest little model for me and such a good helper! Welcome to the world baby H!

Sweet Baby M | Atlanta, Ga., baby photographer

I’m super lucky to have some adorable babies in my family. I might be biased, but that’s okay! My family took a trip in February and made a stop through Atlanta at both the beginning and the end of our trip. Our kids love their cousins and it was worth the extra time! My youngest nephew is five months old and this is the second time I’ve gotten to take his photos. He’s a cutey patootey! Love you buddy!

Jocelyn’s Cake Smash | St. Louis Baby and Children’s Photographer

My sweet Jocelyn turned one in February and I’ve been trying hard to get through all of her first birthday pictures. However, there are a lot and so, for now, these two will have to suffice. She really, really, really liked her cake smash. If we’d let her sit with that cake all day, she would have done so happily! So different from when her brother had his cake smash (5 minutes, two dirty hands, a lot of tears and a daddy who couldn’t take it any longer and he was done)!

I can’t wait to share more of her first birthday session! Oh, and check out the fabulous smash cake my friend Beth made! It wasn’t nearly as big as it looks in these pictures; I swear it was a ‘small’ cake!! It was gorgeous though!

big a

Welcome Baby C! | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I first met the B family two years ago when big brother C was born. He was such a content little baby and his little sister followed in his foot steps. She was so sweet and cozy, and big brother (and mom!) and I had a great time changing her hair bows. She slept through it all!

It was so wonderful to see the B family, and I know it will be so wonderful to have a little lady in the house. I have a feeling she is going to be treated like a princess!!  I can’t imagine why, except that she is perfect and darling! Welcome baby C!

Proud big brothers:

And she sleeps:

Love those lips!


Sweet Baby T | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Sweet little T made his late arrival on Halloween! This little guy is our neighbor and our entire neighborhood was waiting for news of his arrival while trick-or-treating. Before we new it, the news was spreading!! He is as sweet as his big sister S, and we are so looking forward to spending lots of playtime together as he grows up!

Welcome to the world T!

Sweet Baby G | St. Louis Baby Photographer

I am so lucky and honored to know this sweet little peach and her family. Her mama just happens to be the younger sister of one of my very best friends so I’ve been following their journey for quite awhile. G’s mom and dad have been searching for G for a long time and, just recently, she was placed in their arms at birth.

G makes her mommy glow; her daddy melt; her grandparents swoon; her aunts and uncles giddy; her cousins so happy; and this photographer and friend truly blessed to meet her and welcome her home. What a little doll baby she is with a full head of gorgeous hair, big round eyes and a smile to light up the room. At just three months old, she proved me right when I told her mom that babies at this age often reserve their smiles for mom and dad, but she was still such a trooper on this particular morning. She let us dress her up and change her hair bows and finally, after a quick bottle, she passed out for some more sweet sleepy pictures.

I know mom is anxious to see her pictures so here is just a quick sneak peek. Many many more will follow soon! I know this little lady will continue to bring so much joy to her family’s life!

Baby J | Millstadt, Ill., Baby Photographer

It’s already been three months since I first met baby J and his family! I have been so wrapped up in my own baby J that I can hardly remember where these last three months went! J is getting big and strong and is looking so cute. It’s amazing how he looks so much like his newborn pictures and yet he is looking so different already! He was a trooper for us and I am so glad we forged ahead with our session despite the ominous clouds, impending storm and very dark skies! Would you ever know that we took these shots in their garage? We were worried about the lighting indoors, but the garage made for a perfect spot!

I’m so  happy to be watching this little man grow!!

Jocelyn is 4 Months Old! | St. Louis Baby Photographer

My sweet little Jocelyn is four months old. She is happy and chunky and loving and sweet and perfect! :)

I love these rolls!

Baby B | St. Louis Baby Photographer

This is my sweet nephew B. We are so blessed and lucky to have him in our lives, and I am even luckier that his mama has been able to get him to St. Louis several times already, which means I get to capture this sweet little face. He looks wise beyond his years!

Love you B!

Welcome Baby J! | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph some of the sweetest little newbies and even luckier when I love and know them personally! Sweet little J made a very early and unexpected appearance one late evening in March (on my birthday to be exact!!!). When mom and dad called asking if they could drop off big brother for the evening, we were quite worried about mom and baby, but so happy to help them out as they welcome baby J! Big brother was a superstar house guest and will be an awesome big brother too!

I didn’t get to spend as much time with mom and J in the NICU as I’d hoped since I have Jocelyn with me all the time now and she wasn’t allowed, but we were able to give mom a few lunch breaks. And now, just five weeks later, Baby J is home, thriving and having his first photo shoot! Older than most of my newborn (whom I try to photograph within the first 10 days of life), Baby J was also the smallest! He wasn’t as bendy as a brand new baby and he didn’t love being naked at first, but he came around!

We love this little face and are so happy to welcome him to the world! Can’t wait to watch you grow up J!