Sneak Peek – The C Family

It was a busy weekend for me and the C family was my second shoot of the weekend. If you remember, the Cs were one of the first families to give me a shot and it was challenging with 2 1/2 year old twin boys and an almost one year old! Well, I’ve learned a thing or two and got some terrific pics this time! I got eye contact and posing and cooperation from all three kids (even if mom isn’t so sure! wink wink), but I promise, they look like little J. Crew models!¬† As I’ve mentioned before, I am saving family pictures for the families to enjoy themselves! IMG_3523 Blog IMG_3729 Blog

Sneak Peek – The W Family!

I had a fun session on Saturday with this little cutie and her parents! Mom told me little Miss S was a hard one and often didn’t smile when they hoped she would, but we got a few smiles out of her! Well, actually, she was all smiles for her daddy. Isn’t that often the case for sweet little girls? They love their daddies! She was adorable¬† and cooperative for being so little and even gave us some happy smiles while on her tummy! I hope mom and dad enjoy this sneak peek of their little cutie!!! Thanks for a great morning! IMG_3599 IMG_3523

Sneak Peek – The H Family

Today’s photo shoot almost wasn’t meant to be…I said almost! The Weather was iffy at best, and I was meeting the H family in Waterloo. I dropped Tim and the kids off at Costco and headed to the east side. I drove through pouring rain the entire time and was starting to get really disappointed! See, Erin H. and I are friends from high school and I was really excited when she contacted me about taking pictures of her family. Her little guy is the cutest! However, I kept going, just hoping that we’d get a break in the weather.

I got to the park where we were meeting and the rain had stopped! We scoped out the location and only spent about 35 minutes shooting , but we stayed dry the entire time! This family is SO photogenic! Here are two of my favorites I’m sharing for a sneak peek; I’m saving the awesome family pictures for them! Little J was happy and smiley and looked and me whenever I was ready to take a snap. I’m so glad the weather held out; the fall colors are gorgeous as are my friends…don’t you agree!? IMG_3374 IMG_3390

The Eckert Family

Today I had the privilege of taking some photos of my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and wonderful niece and nephew! It started out a little sketchy with wet grass and not a lot of smiles, but we figured it out!

They indulged me and let me drag my new big ‘ugly’ chair out into the orchard! The kids didn’t seem to mind that it was ugly (but Tim minds having it in our house)!! We then moved up to the barn for some tractor pictures before we melted in the sun! eckert1



The Croll Family

On Saturday, I shot the Croll family, and we had a blast! We know the Crolls from Monsanto where Kelly works and their kids go to daycare with our kids. In fact, their little C and our Drew are in the same room right now, and we think they are trouble makers together!

They were very flexible and open to suggestions on location so we chose the Botannical Gardens when we remembered there is free admission on Saturday mornings! Tim came with me with the kids, but quickly left us to our own devices! With 2 1/2 year old twin boys and an almost 1 year old, you can imagine that this was a challenging shoot!

Luckily, they did great! We kept their attention for an hour with candy, funny noises and lots of goofy faces. I hope the Croll family is happy with these photos; it was wonderful of them to trust me with this shoot!