The B Family | St. Louis Children’s and Family Photographer


The B family called me because they wanted me to capture their newest family member! A FOUR legged family member! Look at this cute little face! And although I mean the puppy, I also adore these two little boys who are growing up before my camera! Every time I see them they get more and more handsome! And they are so fun and agreeable and our sessions are just so easy! Even when it’s 100°! I can’t wait to see them over the holidays!

Welcome Baby N! | St. Louis Newborn and Family Photographer

I kind of love this little lady. She slept like a DREAM and I think she has kept on sleeping every since! I am sure mom will say she has her bouts of fussiness, but I just do not believe it. I think she is perfect and when I went back for a quick visit, she promptly fell asleep on my shoulder again. Perfect I tell ya. :)



The Simple Things – Scouting | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

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So many times as a photographer, I get caught up in striving for perfection. I want the perfect light, the perfect expression, the perfect picture. Sometimes I achieve this perfection, but it’s at the sake of capturing the every day, those simple moments that make each day special. To help me remember these important snapshots of real life, I’ve joined a group of fellow photographers in a little blog series called “The Simple Things.” Each month we will shoot one of those simple moments in our lives that we have been neglecting with our cameras.  At the bottom of this post you will find a link to the next photographer’s blog.  Click through all of them until you complete the circle!

I must say that one of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I can take any day and turn it into a photo session. I do this often when I need to scout a location, when the kids and I have time to kill or we find ourselves with a free day. I rifle through their closets, dress them according to my vision (if I have one) and out we go! They think we are going to the park and that they are getting a special treat; I think I am going to end up with some cute pictures of my kids. And I am super lucky; I almost always end up with super cute pictures of my kids! Here is our 20 minute, scouting journey. Enjoy!

Sometimes they are so cute, I think, “Maybe I should stop while I’m ahead!”

But then they get cuter!

No bribery required for these kids!

I have to let them get creative on their own too. It keeps them happy and cooperative!

Audrey has what I call her ‘pretty girl smile.’ It works for almost every picture! However, there are times when I’d actually like to get a natural smile from her so I asked her to practice. Below is a genuine smile vs. her fake smile. When I showed these to her, she said,”Hey, I look like I am frowning!” Now she is on a mission to figure out how to show off her ‘natural’ `smile!

My littlest lady is getting so big!! If this were a ‘real’ session, we wouldn’t have all this messy hair in our eyes, but oh how I love my kiddos just like this!

Today, Audrey pulled out this hat. A year ago, I couldn’t bribe her with anything to convince her to wear it for me. Today, she wore it on her own accord!

And finally, when I shoot for fun, sometimes I process the same way. Soft and pinky colors!

And my favorite…because they are mine! Be sure to continue through our blog circle. Next up is Helen Savage of the Lisburn, Northern Ireland! Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

The G Family | Belleville, Ill., Children and Family Photographer

Little C was such a cutie. Being a little under the weather made his smiles hard to come by, but he warmed up to all the fun we were having!

The W Family | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I love having the W family as my friends, my neighbors AND my clients. It means that I get to spend time with people I adore all the while working with my kiddos as perfect little helpers! Little T just turned 6 months and he is the smiliest little guy and his big sister is becoming such a little beauty.


The M Family | Freeburg, Ill., Newborn and Children’s Photographer

It was so exciting to get to meet the newest member of the M family. Sweet little J was so super sweet and, although sleep was not his top priority, he did doze off long enough for us to capture all of his cuteness. His older sisters couldn’t be prouder or cuter and they were so sweet with them.

Welcome to the world J!

The J Family | St. Louis Children and Family Photographer

I met the J family quite a few years ago when I was just starting out and was super excited when mom contacted me about taking updated pictures of her family. They added a new member to the family and he is super cute! They were so excited about the session and tolerated the heat really well! The kids had a great time, especially when we gave them wagon rides, bubbles, suckers and soda! You’d never know their little one was battling a cold!


My Audrey is 5! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

It took me all this time to finally get through editing all of my sweet Audrey’s five year pictures. We did most of them right after her birthday in October when we did our family holiday card session, but I did a few more this winter because I wanted her to have her own special session. She is such a good little model and I’m so lucky to have her! She is the best little girl and I love her to  pieces. Happy birthday big girl…a few months late!

Welcome Baby C! | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I first met the B family two years ago when big brother C was born. He was such a content little baby and his little sister followed in his foot steps. She was so sweet and cozy, and big brother (and mom!) and I had a great time changing her hair bows. She slept through it all!

It was so wonderful to see the B family, and I know it will be so wonderful to have a little lady in the house. I have a feeling she is going to be treated like a princess!!  I can’t imagine why, except that she is perfect and darling! Welcome baby C!

Proud big brothers:

And she sleeps:

Love those lips!


The C Family | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

If you remember the C family, you’ll know that I’ve had many sessions with their family. After their fall family session, mom called me about a mini session to capture a few pictures of the kids with their cousin. I just came across these two of this handsome man and had to share these. Love the fall colors from November!

A black and white. Lost in thought.

Caught by the camera. :) A colorful smile.