A few of my favorite things | St. Louis Photographer

I know my kids appear on my blog quite often and today is no different! After the holidays, when I’m packing up our decorations I’m reminded of so many things I just love about the holidays! I could spend all day and writing about my favorite things, but I’ll limit it to just these few:

My family cozying up for our holiday card: Having a friend with a Silhouette machine who is willing to help me cut letters in a pinch:

A baby who is a great and willing model:

Having a husband who lets me move his train to the basement so I can use the tree skirt I made with the help of my grandma. Last year, it sat in a box. This year, it had it’s favorite spot back. :)

Leaving cookies for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer) and knowing my kids think this is magical! And our tree, with a million ornaments all shoved deep inside because they are too heavy for the branches!

Kids who will humor me out in the snow on the first snowy day in St. Louis:

And there are so many more pictures I have to get through, but those will have to wait for another day. I hope you can find a few favorite things from this year as well!

The D Family | St. Louis Children’s and Family Photographer

I always love to see the D family. Their girls just keep growing and growing and it’s so great to see them become these sweet little ladies! These two used to hide their heads when I put my camera to my eye and now they are the sweetest little models! It is always an honor to capture their special moments, especially in time for the holidays! We picked an indoor locations because of the cold weather, but there was still enough room to move around. Aren’t they darling?!

The R Family | St. Louis Family and Children’s Photographer

I had a wonderful time meeting the R family on a cool windy fall day in St. Louis. Their little C is such a cutie. Mom told me before our session that she was super smiley and, sure enough, she was such a happy little thing even when she was wearing down!

One is such a fun age and Miss C did not disappoint! We had fun and discovered that we have a lot things in common! I’m looking forward to getting to know the R family better now that they’ve moved to town! Welcome to St. Louis and Happy Birthday C!


The E Family | St. Louis Children’s and Family Photographer

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the E family each spring and summer! It amazes me how much the kids change from just one season to the next! They have a lot of energy, but these kids are so much fun! We had a chilly fall morning, but they did great as we worked our way through individual pictures and quite a few groups shots with the extended family! It can be tough to hold still for that long, but these three had fun!

The C Family | St. Louis Family & Children’s Photographer

I can’t believe it’s been two years already since I first met the C family and they took a chance on a budding photographer to capture their family! And since then, their boys have grown into these handsome little guys! I always feel like I’m photographing old friends when I see the C family and that makes for a wonderful time! I’m so glad to watch them grow and to capture their family each fall (and sometimes in between)!

Mr. J and the W Family | St. Louis Children’s and Family Photographer

When we planned J’s six month session, it was in the middle of the hot summer, but when the day came, we woke up to a chilly morning. Mom had an outfit picked out for months, but we realized that this sweet little guy would be too chilly to wear it. Luckily, she was well prepared and had this cute little outfit on backup!

I love getting to see J and his family every three months as they are part of my Grow With Me Package! This time, I had the chance to spend the morning with the entire family and we had such a fun time! I can’t believe how big J is getting!

The J Family | Glen Carbon, Ill., Family & Children’s Photographer

It was so wonderful to meet the J family at their home in Glen Carbon. Unfortunately, we realized quickly that it was super windy at their house so we decided to relocate to a nearby park, which turned out to be a beautiful location! L and B were super fun kids to work with, both of whom made my job very, very easy!

It was a warm evening, but the breeze really helped and we were able to really enjoy the evening and the view over the lake. We wrapped up our session back at the J’s house; their front porch is super cute as were their two puppies who joined in the fun!

Big sis was a dream to photograph!

Little bro’s dimples are just so adorable!

The E Family | St. Louis Family & Children’s Photographer

It was so fun to get together with the E family this week for their family portrait session. Mom and I started working together back when her oldest was a toddler and she was pregnant with sweet little G. I’ve had the chance to get to know their whole family through work and work functions and a few times just for fun too. They are the sweetest family and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to capture these super fun moments! While at their house, I also had the chance to see my pictures gracing their walls from two years ago when mom K trusted me to practice on her sweet little duo! They’ve grown up so much, but their joy and spark haven’t faded!

Happy summer E family!

And to show that they do love one another!

The boys: And the girls…!

Happy Birthday A | St. Louis Children’s & Family Photographer

Miss A has been such a great little model for me over the last year and now she is one! We had to reschedule due to weather and sickness so by the time we had our session, Miss A had learned to walk! She was a trooper, trucking through the park like an old pro despite the early evening heat (98 degrees)! A’s mom also makes the cutest hair bows! They always match perfectly and look adorable on Miss A.  This time, Miss A was wearing a homemade, reversible outfit complete with headband, which attached like a hat! It was so cute! Big Brother T was super stylin as well! He is such a good big brother!

Happy Birthday Miss A! It’s been so great watching you grow!!

The E Family | St. Louis Children’s & Family Photographer

I was so excited when the E family contacted me about a spring/summer family session! We met up in the fall, but I knew the kids would be so much bigger already and they are! They are growing like weeds!

We are having a crazy spring/summer here in St. Louis. It’s super hot and it’s the summer of the cicadas. When I got to the park and opened my door I about died at the number of cicadas that were buzzing around. I took a deep breath and hoped with all my might that the E kids weren’t going to be totally freaked out by them! I had nothing to worry about!! The older boys thought they were cool, little A didn’t even notice and dad just flicked them off my back before I even noticed that they had landed on me. The kids told me, “They don’t bite!” :)

So, despite the bugs and the 98 degrees, I’d say the kids did great!!! Really great! They are such great kids; so fun, sweet, funny…and easy going! Little sis is trying hard to keep up with her big brothers and she’ll be able to soon enough!