Holiday Correspondence | St. Louis Family and Children’s Photographer

One of the best parts of the holidays for me, as a photographer, is helping make the lives of my friends and clients just a little easier when they are feeling stressed overwhelmed and overworked! Holiday photos? Check! Holiday photo gifts? Check! Holiday cards designed and delivered before Thanksgiving? CHECK! And boy do I LOVE opening my mailbox! The very first cards to arrive at our house looked awfully familiar! All of them were photographed and designed by me. So great knowing that there are so many more out there putting smiles on client’s faces! Cards

W Family Mini Session | St. Louis Children’s and Family Photographer

Every year, I promise myself I’ll go back after the holidays and post some of the mini sessions I did in the fall since I hate to post them before for fear of spoiling Christmas cards that are going out. But every year, I get caught up in more sessions and school projects and birthdays and I never get around to it. Maybe this year will be different! Or maybe this will be the only one. :) If it is, it’s worth it. This family was awesome! New clients for me and we still managed to capture these (plus more) in our 20 minutes together! W Family

Let It Snow! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I don’t love the cold winter months, but I do love missing teeth and this silly silly boy!


Sweet Halloweeen | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I took a break from editing client sessions to enjoy Halloween with my kiddos. They wanted to be donuts. All three of them. And so I pulled out my most basic sewing skills and three little Boeker (k·er)donuts were born. ;) We managed this session despite rain, a misplaced costume and a Dunkin Donuts that only sells sprinkle donuts on certain days. Happy Halloween from my little donuts! 1 Donute 2 Donut 3 Donut

L is One! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

The time is flying by and this little guy has already celebrated his first birthday! Mom wanted an in-home session, just like big brother had, so I had the wonderful opportunity to see just how little L played! Oh he is so cute! So curious and so smiley too! Here is a sneak peak for his sweet mama who also can’t believe an entire year has passed us so quickly!!! blog

Goodbye Summer! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

How is it that summer can feel so long and so short at the same time? This year, my kids were super swimmers and, before the summer was over, we had added extra goggles, fins, snorkels, sunglasses, inner tubes (including one shaped like a donut), noodles and kick boards to the pile of ‘toys’ we had to take with us to the pool.

While I love fall weather, I wish we could have spent a few extra days lounging at the pool! Goodbye summer!

B is 3! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

My sweet nephew B is 3! Don’t let this little cutie fool you; he’s one of my toughest clients. But somehow, I always manage to coax a smile or two out of him. (It could be the cookies I bribe him with!) Happy Birthday Buddy!

L is 7 Months! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Sweet baby L is sitting and crawling and smiling up a storm. She was so sweet and didn’t mind a bit that my two littles were along for the shoot. She must be used to it as the youngest of four! Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

E is One! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I seem to have a lot of babies named E right now, and they are all just so cute and sweet! And they all hit their milestones during the winter months so we’ve had a lot of indoor, studio  sessions! But that’s okay; at least we kept warm during this eternal winter!

Happy Birthday E!

E is 9 Months Old! | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Well, the title of this post is a bit misleading because, as I post this, I’m also currently editing E’s ONE year session! Still, I couldn’t resist posting this cutie from just three months ago. Oh how time flies! Please stop growing up!!