The E Family | Belleville Family Photographer

One of the best parts of my job is getting to reconnect with old friends! Ellen and I went to grade school and high school together so I was super excited when she contacted me about setting up a session. She lives out of town so it was great that we were able to make this morning work while she was visiting.  :) Anyway, Ellen and I were in brownies and girl scouts (and her mom was our leader!) together, built a space ship out of plastic and a large fan (oh my!) in junior high and were in so many of the same classes through high school though she is so much smarter than I. ;) LOL! It was great to catch up and see her family again!

I am taking the weekend off, but wanted to get a sneak peek up for the E family. Thanks for a great morning! Your little Sassy did just great too!!

Happy Friday! blog blog2

The S Boys | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I’ve had a few sessions with the S boys and know that they are funny, sweet and energetic! Mom gave me a hint and told me that they also like Cars and Buzz Lightyear right now so I came prepared with Buzz Lightyear light up, spinning wands! Boy were they a hit! As soon as I pulled those out, Big brother A sat right down for me and rewarded me with some of the greatest smiles! Even puppy G was good for us! Aren’t these boys adorable? I just can’t believe little brother T is so big now!!!  Thanks for a fun morning and for showing me a cool new park!! Blog blog3 Blog7 blog6 blog4

The W Family | Fenton Family Photographer

On Sunday, I had a great time with the W family! With three year old twins and a 6 year old, this family is busy! (I seem to have a lot of twins lately! It’s so fun!) The kids were great helpers and did a fantastic job for me! You’d never have known that they’d had a big birthday party the night before! There was a lot of celebrating to do though, E and R just turned 3! Happy Birthday!

I had a wonderful time meeting this family. They were so sweet and even their 13 year old puppy got into the mix!

Miss E was so excited to go first and she gave me a lot of great smiles, but there was something about the sassiness in her expression here that I just had to share! IMG_8048 Mr. R was an angel! So smiley and cooperative. Blog2 And the two of them together; so cute! IMG_8153 And letting big brother get in on the action! BLog3

Miss M | St. Louis Pet Photographer

I love how every family is just a little bit different; moms and dads, siblings, grandparents and, of course, pets! But sometimes a pet is a bit more than just a pet and today I had the opportunity to capture just that! Meet Miss M, furry and funny and full of love and life! She’s getting a bit older, her health is not so great, but she is still the best friend in the world! She was feeling a little spunky today and even jumped up for some cookies, which I think is the only reason I really won her over!

I’m so happy I was able to capture these sweet moments! Thanks for a fun afternoon! Morgan2

Morgan IMG_6094 copy