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I’m so excited to be able to offer the following holiday cards this year!

Each card will be printed as a 5×7, two-sided, flat card with envelopes included. Colors and text are completely customizable!

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Happy Holidays!

I Love My Camera!

I usually reserve my blog for sneak peeks and announcements and such, but occasionally I come across a story or link that just speaks to me. This is one of those times! A photographer friend shared this link with me and I just had to share with you! 

It’s a blog post called, “Your Camera Takes Really Nice Pictures.” :) I hear that sometimes. A lot of people want to know what kind of camera I have. I don’t mind sharing this information; it’s a Canon 5D Mark II and my favorite lens is a simple 50mm 1.8. I really do have a rockstar camera (my husband is the best Christmas present buyer ever)! And since I launced Five Petals a little over a year ago, I’ve had two camera upgrades. The first was thanks to my brother’s generosity of lending me his camera for several months and then the second was thanks to my above-mentioned dear husband. I’ve seen a vast improvement in my work since last January. A part of that is due to the equipment I use, but most of it has to do with how well I’ve learned to use natural light, pose my subject, capture the moments, nail focus and work in Photoshop after a session is complete. And so, I have to share this blog post and hope you get a kick out of it too. Maybe I should take Tim out for a similar session to see what happens. It would be awfully fun! :)

Thanks to Erin Farrell of Erin Farrell Photography for writing this blog!

Using Your Photographer’s Images

I recently read this great post on one of my favorits blogs: If you haven’t been there but like photography, you should take a few minutes (or hours) to read it from the very first post and all the way through!

Anyway, I wanted to share her most recent blog post, which I thought had some great information. I have great clients, but if at any time you are not happy with a way I process your images, would rather have black & whites instead of color (though I provide both on your CD) or want something different, please always feel free to call me and I’ll gladly accommodate your request to save us all the heartache of changing the photos yourself!

Anyway, enjoy this post from DrewB Photography!

Blog Love

A photographer I know contacted me to see if she could could quote me on some ideas I gave in response to a photography forum in which I participate. I, of course, gave her permission thinking the ideas were pretty much a given! However, I’ve come to realize as a photographer AND a mom, it’s really hard not to stress when you are having your own family pictures taken so I simply gave suggestions I’ve learned along the way!

For example, instead of spending all of my time trying to convince Audrey and Drew to smile pretty for the camera, bribe or threathen them, or get mad at them when they don’t cooperate, I should just let the photographer do her thing and trust that she will get my kids to coopeerate! Still, I find myself stressed out anyway and doing all the things I just mentioned!

So, if you are worried about an upcoming session and aren’t sure what to think, do or expect, read through this article written by Amy Stone of Jady Images of Miami, Fla.  It’s titled, “Preparing for a Family Portrait” and will give you some great ideas!  (FYI, DD = Dear Daughter and DH = Dear Husband)

I just might have to start sharing tips as I learn more in my photography journey, which will hopefully help everyone have a more enjoyable and relaxing photo experience! Enjoy!