The E Family | St. Louis Children’s & Family Photographer

I was so excited when the E family contacted me about a spring/summer family session! We met up in the fall, but I knew the kids would be so much bigger already and they are! They are growing like weeds!

We are having a crazy spring/summer here in St. Louis. It’s super hot and it’s the summer of the cicadas. When I got to the park and opened my door I about died at the number of cicadas that were buzzing around. I took a deep breath and hoped with all my might that the E kids weren’t going to be totally freaked out by them! I had nothing to worry about!! The older boys thought they were cool, little A didn’t even notice and dad just flicked them off my back before I even noticed that they had landed on me. The kids told me, “They don’t bite!” :)

So, despite the bugs and the 98 degrees, I’d say the kids did great!!! Really great! They are such great kids; so fun, sweet, funny…and easy going! Little sis is trying hard to keep up with her big brothers and she’ll be able to soon enough!

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