Mommy-To-Be, Miss H | St. Louis Maternity Photographer

On Monday, I had the opportunity to second shoot a maternity session with a friend of mine. It was SO much fun and Miss H was such a beautiful girl and up for anything! We changed out backgrounds and added props and she was a great sport throughout! I wish I’d only looked half this awesome when I was pregnant! I also realized how much fun maternity sessions can be even with four inches of snow on the ground!

My Audrey came along and was also a great sport as this session lasted about three hours! She watched her shows, fed herself lunch and then wanted a few shots of herself similar to the last one. Maybe I’ll save those for her someday when she’s going to be a mommy herself!

I have a lot of pictures to share; Miss H was too cute and I just couldn’t choose a favorite! Untitled-6 Untitled-5 Untitled-4 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 IMG_8637 IMG_8692

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Mr. R | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is capturing the kids I love, that means my own kids, my nieces and nephews, and my friends’ kids. This little guy happens to be the son of one of my best friends AND he is going to be Drew’s best friend someday too! He’s only 18 months old, but there are moments when I forget that and think he is so much older. He suddenly looks very much like a little boy to me; much more so than Drew who is just a few weeks younger. I enjoyed watching this him tear into his first birthday cake just six months ago, and I again enjoyed capturing these fantastic expressions yesterday. Plus, watch out what you tell Mr. R; he’s got a good arm and if you ask him to throw you the ball, expect that he will and that it will come right to you!

Mom is anxious to see Mr. R so here are a few to tide her over until I can send them all her way!  

I love this first one; someday when he’s  a pro ball player, I can say I took this picture!

XOXO! IMG_8295 IMG_8333

Mommy is so funny! IMG_8359

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  1. Mica

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them (everything is more meaningful if you repeat it three times.) I know you have a lot of kids featured on your blog, but I must say mine is the cutest – ha! Besides Audrey and Drew of course.

    He does look like such a little boy. I’m glad we were able to get some great shtos.

  2. Melissa

    What great pics! R is such a handsome guy!

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The W Family | Fenton Family Photographer

On Sunday, I had a great time with the W family! With three year old twins and a 6 year old, this family is busy! (I seem to have a lot of twins lately! It’s so fun!) The kids were great helpers and did a fantastic job for me! You’d never have known that they’d had a big birthday party the night before! There was a lot of celebrating to do though, E and R just turned 3! Happy Birthday!

I had a wonderful time meeting this family. They were so sweet and even their 13 year old puppy got into the mix!

Miss E was so excited to go first and she gave me a lot of great smiles, but there was something about the sassiness in her expression here that I just had to share! IMG_8048 Mr. R was an angel! So smiley and cooperative. Blog2 And the two of them together; so cute! IMG_8153 And letting big brother get in on the action! BLog3

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Little Miss C | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I’ve been so lucky to take pictures of the C family on more than one occasion, but this morning it was Miss C’s turn. With twin big brothers, it can be hard to get a photo session all to yourself, but turning 18 months makes you awfully special! The good news? Miss C was super adorable in her girly-girl dress and we loved having her and her brothers over! Both Audrey and Drew were excited to show their classmates all their toys! The bad news is? Miss C didn’t want to be the center of attention today! Well, you’d never know it from these pictures! I promised mom we’d try again so we could include all of her other cute outfits, but having an almost 18 month old of my own, I’m not too bothered by a toddler having an off day! Plus, big brothers were having such a great time with Audrey that I realized we need to have playdates with them more often!

I hope mom and dad enjoy their sneak peek of their big girl! Thanks for coming to our house to play!

Big brothers got into the action!

 IMG_7948 Liney IMG_7987



























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Mr. C | Millstadt, Ill., Children’s Photographer

On Sunday, I had the chance to photograph this little cutie! His name his cute, his chubby cheeks are cute and his little tushie is cute too, but only mom and dad get to see those pictures! He was smiley and happy and, at 6 months old, does a very good job of sitting up! He’s a Cardinal fan too so you just have to love that! I’m sure he’ll grow into his hat before you know it mom and dad!

Thanks for letting me mett Mr. C! He’s so cute; he’ll be a heart breaker someday!! Blog Blog2 Blog3 BLog4

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Sweet Baby L | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

It’s raining boys! Lots of newborn baby boys have come my way lately and oh, they are just so darling! Little Mr. L was a darling little sweetie this morning; he let us move him and mold him and didn’t mind a bit, despite two big brothers playing nearby and nothing to wear but a diaper! Any little fuss we heard from him was calmed by mom’s hand, dad’s chest or a few shushing noises! I love newborns! And this little guy came into the world a few weeks early, but don’t let that fool you-he was still a good sized little guy!

Blog Blog2

Here is one I had to add. I think he love  his mommy. There’s something special about holding mommy’s hand! Little Hands I so enjoyed spending the morning with the C family. Big brothers are so well-behaved, which was no surprise to me after we did their holiday session. You might think twin 3 year old boys would be difficult, but not these two! They are, however, very proud big brothers, as they should be! Blog3 And don’t worry big brothers; little L is NOT in time out! He just looked too cute and little and yummy in your time out chair. Blog4 I hope mom and dad enjoy their sneak peak!

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Little Miss S | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

I had a wonderful afternoon with little Miss S today! She’s grown so much since I last saw her, and she is CUTE as ever! She’s going to be so smart too; her face just lit up every time mommy began to sing the ABCs! She gave us smiles, let us change her outfit again and again, and even let us make fools of ourselves all the while looking too cute for words! 

I hope mom enjoys  her sneak peek. I really had to be careful not to post the entire session! 😉 More coming soon for mom! Enjoy! Blog4 Blog6 Blog3 Blog

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Sweet Baby C | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Have you ever met a baby so content that just holding them makes you feel peaceful? Well, meet baby C. He has a sense of peace about him! He was awake for a few minutes when I arrived, but quickly closed his eyes. I told mom I’d try putting him on his tummy, but not all babies like it when I do that. She told me not to worry; he’d be fine. He was more than fine; he was content, and sleepy, and sweet, and…oh, so full of newborn loveliness! He practically posed himself for me, and he was so cute I almost didn’t want to move him! You know a baby is really comfortable when they rest their hands next to their head! My kids slept like this for ages and I just adored it. It’s as though they are saying, “I surrender. I’m sleepy and happy!” Oh how I love a sleepy baby! BLogj

blog Thank you for letting me enjoy your sweet little man!

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Little Mr. L | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I have had quite a few calls for newborns lately; it must be the season and oh! they are just too sweet!!! This little guy came 10 days early, was a little peanut, but was a dream to take pictures of! He let us move him and hold him and put hats on him and just when we’d think he was mad about a position, I’d pick up my camera and Voila! He’d settle down and I’d snap away.

I’m trying to be better about showcasing more pictures on my blog without spoiling the surprise for mom and dad, but I just had to share all of these. Little Mr. L and big brother R are just darling subjects and I so enjoyed spending my morning with them! XOXO! ILP ILP2


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Mr. A’s First B-day | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Today started out on an iffy note when Drew woke up sick for the second day in a row. Plus, Tim left for Memphis for a business trip, which left me with no child care for my sick kid and a photo session mid-morning. Luckily, my mom and dad pulled through for me and offered to watch Drew (my parents rock!) so I could still take pictures of Adorable Mr. A. And yes, I meant to spell Adorable with a capital A!

I first met the K family at Christmas time when I had the opportunity to take their holiday photos and create their holiday cards. They were the sweetest family! Their little ones were so sweet too, so I was especially excited to meet with them again today. Mr. A is turning one so we had a lot of fun with silly faces, fun noises and, of course, some CAKE! When I complete the processing on all the photos from his cake smash, I’ll post the storyboard. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek! Blog2 ONE


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  1. Melissa

    I am in Simone’s group and just wanted to check out your website! I love your work!

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