Miss M | St. Louis Pet Photographer

I love how every family is just a little bit different; moms and dads, siblings, grandparents and, of course, pets! But sometimes a pet is a bit more than just a pet and today I had the opportunity to capture just that! Meet Miss M, furry and funny and full of love and life! She’s getting a bit older, her health is not so great, but she is still the best friend in the world! She was feeling a little spunky today and even jumped up for some cookies, which I think is the only reason I really won her over!

I’m so happy I was able to capture these sweet moments! Thanks for a fun afternoon! Morgan2

Morgan IMG_6094 copy

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Little W | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which gave me a great opportunity to schedule a few sessions; yay! I was so excited to meet little Mr. W.  He was a doll! Such a little man and a little baby all wrapped up into one adorable package! He’s just learning to sit, but he did so great and only toppled on us one time! Good thing he has brothers! He made my job easy, which is why I am reminded of how much I love this age! I loved it when both my kids were this age, and I love taking pictures of this age! Yum!  Thanks for a great morning Mr. W! ILPBW ILPblanket ILP Sitting man

2 Responses to “Little W | St. Louis Children’s Photographer”

  1. Angie


    Thank you so much! I LOVE the pictures! You really captured my little guy and I know I will cherish this shots. I really do appreciate you taking them.

  2. Maryrose Lowe

    That is one cute kid !!!

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Baby E and the N Family | Waterloo, IL Newborn Photographer

Today started on an iffy note with five or so inches of snow in our backyard. However, I knew I had a session with brand new baby E this afternoon and was determined to get there! When mom called to see if I could make it, I gave her the thumbs up! I’m so glad I made the drive!

Before we got started with baby E, big brothers D and O jumped in for a few pictures. It was too sweet when we started with D for his 3 year old pictures; he did great, but his little brother didn’t want to miss out! He hopped in and sat and turned and smiled at us oh so very GQ style! It was a riot. Then, it was time for baby E, who was quite alert and gave us some super sweet expressions. He liked my noise maker (so glad Audrey shared hers!) and his paci too (I am such a sucker for those Smoothie pacis)!

The boys took me to see their room and their playroom, which was so cool, I must say! However, I’m totally biased toward orange and blue (go Illini!) so of course I adored the stripes mom and dad had painted on the walls!

I’m going to try to start adding more than one or two pictures at a time from here on out, so here are five to tide mom over until the rest are complete. Enjoy your sneak peek and thanks for making my snowy shoes and drive to Illinois SO worth it!! BLogE

Blog3 BlogD BlogO At the end, baby E cozied up on mommy, who let me borrow him to get this sweetl, cozy and newborn-curly picture of him. LOVE!! Blog

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  1. Sara

    OMG, so super cute! Love the catchlights and the pose of little guy on his elbows.

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The A Family | St. Louis Family and Children’s Photographer

Today I had the honor of taking pictures of one of Tim’s cousins who is in town all the way from California? Remember how I mentioned that it’s great when it’s OUR year to have family visit? Well, that is true on both my side of the family and Tim’s! And this is little Miss S’s very first Christmas so it was so great to have them here! Tim’s family is just as close as my family so we are super lucky! Oh, and do you see a theme? Both families I’ve had sessions with this week are redheads!! I love that!

I was so excited when Joelle e-mailed me about taking photos. Of course, then I got nervous when I learned their camera was maybe, oh, 10 times as nice as mine!? Luckily, my wonderful husband upgraded me to a Canon 5D Mark II for Christmas and boy was I surprised! So, Joelle and Chandler need not fear! Also, these two are about as creative as a couple gets-it just runs through their veins so I only hope I captured that!

Miss S was a doll and gave me oodles of smiles! Toward the end, she was wearing down, hence the “I’m teething and this hand is staying in my mouth” photo, which I know Mimi and MawMaw will love as much as I do!

Enjoy your sneak peek! And THANKS for trusting me with your little redheaded princess. I could just eat her up!!! BLOG


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  1. Jackie Jean

    She is too precious, very cute shots!

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The H Family | St. Louis Family Photographer

I love the holidays! Especially when it’s our year to welcome our family from far away! (We only get them every other year, you know!!) This year, my cousin Marcie and her husband, Mike, and their son, Louis, spent the holidays with us! Yay! Even though they live in Seattle, Marcie and I talk weekly, especially since our little guys are SO close in age! And, I’m even more lucky because my cousin-in-law Mike and I talk via e-mail all the time because he’s my photography guru! He has been instrumental in moving me from a girl who takes snapshots to a photographer who captures life moments!!

On that note, it can be awfully daunting to photograph another photographer, but these guys are just too great to be intimidating! The H’s are the greatest family ever and some of my fondest memories include slumber parties at their house and family vacations together! Plus, I can’t tell you how many times my cousins Kate and Anne have have helped with our kids-they are ANGELS I tell you! Coming over at 11 p.m. when I’m in labor and staying all night and bringing Audrey to the hospital to visit (yes, that actually happened), babysitting on a moment’s notice, and on and on!  And don’t get me started on my aunt and uncle…they are just too cool for words! XOXO!  

I’m so glad we had the chance to spend a few extra minutes together after the craziness of the holidays died down. And despite the cold, they let me take their picture outside!

Here is your sneak peek! The pic of Louis isn’t my usual processing, but it just seemed fitting! Enjoy!!! Love you guys!! Should for blog Blog Full

2 Responses to “The H Family | St. Louis Family Photographer”

  1. Kate

    Laura — your photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!! You really know how to whip a motley crew in to shape 🙂 and make them look goooood. And as long as we’re singing praises, I must add that we are so lucky to have the insider’s hook-up with such a talented photographer and wonderful cousin!

  2. Meredith


    I was checking out your website because a friend recommended you, and I saw this picture and was surprised, because I work with Kate!! What a small world! She’s the best. She shares the best lunches with me. I’ll have to ask her some more details about you and your work. I like what I see on here. I’ve got two little ones and am always on the look-out for a good photographer.

    Meredith Rataj

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The G Family | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

This afternoon, I had such a fun session with Mr. J and Ms. K! They were too cute for words! And being 9 years old must be awfully fun, or at least Mr. J makes it look as if it is! He is an awesome big brother; I could tell from the hour I spent with them! He coaxed smiles out of his sister and was a super model for me! Little sister was a little unsure about me, but warmed up when Mickey Mouse sat on my head! I’m looking forward to more fun sessions with this family!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Jack blog Kate Blog Blog3 - Copy And a black and white for mom. 😉 Blog3 BW - Copy

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Extended M Family | St. Louis Family Photographer

On Sunday, we woke up to snow and cold temperatures, but that didn’t deter my morning photo shoot as it was less than a block away. In case you are wondering, I drove anyway!

I had a session with the M family a few months back for their little gal who was a rockstar! Today, we had a few additional family members to shoot plus one on the way so this was a fun session with a lot of varietyy! Coming from California, the white Christmas was a change for several of them so it was nice to share it with them!

Thanks for a fun Sunday morning!

Enjoy your sneak peek!!!

Blog2 Blog

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Sneak Peek – The B Family | St. Louis Family Photographer

This morning, I had a session with the B family who realized that even if they’d run out of time for Christmas cards, they could still send out New Year’s cards. How great is that?!?

They were such a gorgeous family! Three little girls in purple dresses? They were a dream! We took some super cute shots and I know I shouldn’t pick one sister over the others to sneak peek, but I felt this image was fitting. It’s not every year a little girl can say, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” ILP I could also tell that this was a close-knit family and enjoyed capturing a little something extra…. BLOG

Enjoy your sneak peek!

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Sneak Peek – The S Boys | St. Louis Children’s Photographer

Yesterday, I was able to sneak in a session with the S boys. They go to daycare with my kids and mom called needing a holiday photo ASAP! Luckily, she was able to have me over on a weekday so it worked out great!

A little background about big brother M; he and my Audrey were in the same class at school in the 1 year old classroom and they talked about each other NON stop. We thought for sure these two would be married one day. Unfortunately, the stars fell out of alignment when they went to different classrooms at age 2. We’re hoping M will join Audrey in the 3 year old room…there is still hope!

Enjoy your sneak peek of my future son-in-law! Wink!! 😉 BLOG

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Sneak Peek – The L Family | St. Louis Family Photographer

J and I go way back! We were high school friends and have reconnected over Facebook. When she contacted me about a session with her family, I was so excited to see her! Her family is Adorable, with a capital ‘A.’ It was so fun to see her littly guy interact with his big sisters as they really seem to genuinely adore him! Goofy faces; stomping through the mud and a yoga studio made this one fun session and worth the drive to my old stomping grounds on the east side of the river! Thanks for a fun afternoon and enjoy your sneak peek! ILP


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