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I missed month two of The Simple Things project because we were vacationing at Disney. I had really really good intentions for getting my photos and blog post ready before I left, but life got in the way. We had a wonderful [insert fantastic, fabulous, didn’t-want-to-come-home-good] time, but now I’m getting back to reality and photography and capturing the every day!

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So many times as a photographer, I get caught up in striving for perfection. I want the perfect light, the perfect expression, the perfect picture. Sometimes I achieve this perfection, but it’s at the sake of capturing the every day, those simple moments that make each day special. To help me remember these important snapshots of real life, I’ve joined a group of fellow photographers in a little blog series called “The Simple Things.” Each month we will shoot one of those simple moments in our lives that we have been neglecting with our cameras.ย  At the bottom of this post you will find a link to the next photographerโ€™s blog.ย  Click through all of them until you complete the circle!

Earlier this month, my sister-in-law called to tell me that the peach trees at their orchard were in bloom. I was excited! They are pink and gorgeous so we set up a fun night for our kids to play and threw in a photo session on top of it all.ย  We had fun, we had play time, but we also had rain. After a series of 10 pictures, we rushed the kids back inside. Why am I telling you this if I am not sharing orchard pictures? Because I rented a lens for that session and, since I still had it to play with on Sunday, I used it to capture our ordinary Sunday.

We usually make it to early Mass on Sundays followed by breakfast or brunch and this particular Sunday was no exception. Afterwards, we had such beautiful weather that we ventured outside. 70 degrees in March is a real treat in St. Louis!! Daddy was working in the yard so the kids came out to help. The 70-200 2.8 L II is a fabulous lens. You’d never know these pictures were taken taken in front of the ugliest part of our front yard. Yes, I need this lens. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is going to turn into an expensive project.

My little guy now turns everything into a ‘shooter gun.’ I guess it’s a boy thing; big sister has never ‘shot’ anything. Here he is playing with daddy’s weed sprayer. Since daddy was working in the yard and it had rained the night before, we decided to go for a puddle walk. Guess which kid likes to have her picture taken more than the other? Oh, and my baby sat nicely in the stroller the entire time. You’ll see her later. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rain boots are fun. And guess what happens when two kids are very tired of having a big long lens (however fabulous it might be) pointed in their direction?

And big sister gets tired of being shot with a camera AND little brother’s ‘shooter guns.’

It was finally nap time and we’ve started to put our kids in separate rooms for naps. They share a room right now and have a hard time falling asleep at the same time so usually one of them sleeps in my bed. Today, it was Drew’s turn.

But first we read stories in their room. Boy does their room have nice light. Too bad it’s a small room with two twin beds and a lot of toys (and laundry). ๐Ÿ™‚

And here’s a little extra love for my baby since she was confined to her stroller all morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ She saw daddy outside and thought it was so funny! Aafter naps we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner. We blew bubbles with our bubble machine.

And then Jocelyn really really wanted to go out and grill with Grandpa.

Be sure to continue through our blog circle. Next up is Shannon Stroubakis Photography in the Woodlands, TX! Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

10 Responses to “The Simple Things – Sunday | St. Louis Children’s Photographer”

  1. Anita Martin

    I have so many favorites ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the orchard shots (so sorry to hear about the rain!) but I really adore the everyday-Sunday shots! The weed sprayer shooter gun cracks me up, but I love how happy your children all look. And the shots of the two on the porch are just hilariously funny!!! Thank you for sharing a peek into your Sunday, you have a beautiful family ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Leslie Crane

    These are simply gorgeous. (My sons can turn anything into a weapon, too. A stick, a sock, a cheese sandwich…)

  3. Sonia Trocchio

    Sundays at your house look like fun! I love them all, especially the puddle jumping ones and those of your little one looking out the window at daddy! Your children will treasure these!

  4. Amber

    Love these Laura! The rainboots and puddle shots are my favorite. So glad you made it back this month! Your work is gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jackie

    these are all SO sweet and they look like they had so much fun with you! Wonderful work!

  6. Tracy

    So cute!! Our family is so blessed to have your talents and how great that your ‘work’ and experimenting results in preserving memories and your sweet kids’ childhoods forever!! As a mom of 3 boys I can totally relate to Drew’s sprinkler GUN picture as everything in our house ends up as a weapon. The nature vs. nurture debate is solved.

  7. Shannon Stroubakis

    These are precious! My favourites are the rainboots too, in the puddles. Such a happy kid thing to do!

  8. Helen Savage

    Beautiful work! Really love these, especially the rain boot ones!

  9. Kristina

    I need to get some rainboots. It has been too long since I have stomped in a puddle, no inhibitions! Aren’t kids fabulous? Yours are just gorgeous, thanks for sharing your family!

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