what to wear

Not sure what to wear for your pictures? Think simple! Clothing choices are very important to getting those portraits you love. Personally, I often take a second look at a portrait I love and am struck by the vibrant colors worn by the subjects!

If you have a family session scheduled, try starting with your most difficult to dress family member and build outfits that coordinate. For example, if your daughter has a favorite green, pink and yellow skirt, let her wear it! Then, pick one other person to wear green, another to wear yellow and then complement an outfit with a pink scarf or something similar for you!

Don’t be afraid of patterns and bold colors; especially with kids! Layers add wonderful dimension to a photo! I’m always impressed when families layer really well; they look so gorgeous! However, it is still best to avoid large logos, prints and neon colors. Jeans are always a favorite with any color, and newborns and babies are best photographed in nothing or swaddles (which I will provide). I have quite a few props that I’d love to share including blankets, wraps and hats.

*A little note about white-it’s fine to wear, but it’s not the best color to photograph when everyone is wearing it!*

Please note:

  • A lot of people say to me, “My shoes won’t matter, right?” I give them the same answer, “You never know! They just might be in the picture!” So please plan accordingly and don’t wear your bathroom slippers with your oh-so-put-together outfit…unless you want me to take pictures of your bathroom slippers!
  • If you are only having photos taken of your children, it is still helpful if you are dressed as though you too are ready to appear in the photo just in case it becomes necessary. Children get nervous around photographers so being able to photograph him from over your shoulder, near your legs, or sitting on your lap can be helpful and might be your favorite picture of the session.


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