your session

I'm a mom who knows what it's like when your kids run from you, have meltdowns, and cry when you ask them to do the simplest things! And this is why I've learned to be patient! Sometimes, it is when the tantrum is over and the shyness has worn off that the best smiles and expressions make their way to the surface. I know that kids do best when you get on their level. I search for the magic trigger that will make them smile and treat them as if they are my own. The greatest reward is when the shyest or most stubborn child plops down in my lap at the end of a session and wraps her arms around my neck! That is when I know I've done my job! I'm not picky- I'll take high fives, smiles and hugs too. :) And I love when a mom tells me after our session that her child couldn't stop talking about "Miss Laur-wa."

time & location
Sessions generally last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and take place at your home or in a nearby park. I try to keep it fun and painless for the children and the family as a whole! I've found that children get restless and worn out if we spend too long at the session. Don't worry;  I work fast and will capture a variety of poses and family groupings in that time frame.  I won't end the session until I am confident we have captured images that you will love.

Newborn sessions are hard to predict and will usually last two to four hours.

The best way to ensure a great session is to arrive well rested, fed and happy! Photo sessions can be stressful, but try and relax. Children can sense when you are stressed.  It is best to let the children be themselves. Often, the less verbal direction they are given from their parents, the better they do. Kids often listen better to strangers so I'll provide direction with your help.

Please have faces and noses clean, and if you'd like to bring a snack for your child, please bring simple foods that will not stain if dripped or dropped.